“Mastering Your Exam: A Comprehensive Analysis of Questions and Answers for Success”

We understand the importance of clarity and precision in your preparation, and that’s why our comprehensive breakdowns aim to provide a deep understanding of each question type.

Spotting Errors​



Selecting Words​


Ordering of Words

Sentence Correction​

Sentence Inprivement

Completing Statements​

Ordering of Sentences

Paragraph Formation​

Closet Test​


One Word Substitutes​

Idioms and Phrases​

Change of Voice​

Change of Speech​

Verbal Analogies​

Verbal ability

Verbal Ability #1

Verbal ability is the cognitive ability to use and understand language. This ability develops largely as a function of both formal and informal educational opportunities

Verbal Reasoning #2

Verbal Reasoning is reading or hearing some information or problem, processing the information, forming a theory, and using this to evaluate the outcome of a problem.

Logical Reasoning #3

Logical reasoning is a mental activity that aims to arrive at a conclusion in a rigorous way.

Non Verbal Reasoning #4

Non – Verbal Reasoning is problem-solving using pictures and diagrams.

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