Daily curretn affairs - 8th September


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1)        India has initiated an anti-dumping investigation on imports of Vitamin C from which country?


Ø  Japan


Ø  United States


Ø  China




2)       Who is the President of the Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA)?


Ø  Prime Minister


Ø  President


Ø  Vice-President


Ø  Minister of Personnel



3)       The President of India has conferred the National Award to how many teachers in a first virtual ceremony?


Ø  7


Ø  27


Ø  47


Ø  87


4)        Which organisation released a report titled “From Insights to Action: Gender Equality in the wake of COVID-19”?

Ø  UN Women


Ø  World Bank


Ø  International Monetary Fund


Ø  World Economic Forum



5)       Which Indian state has approved a bill to ban online games involving money transactions?

Ø  Tamil Nadu


Ø  Andhra Pradesh


Ø  Telangana


Ø  Karnataka


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