How to Improve English for ssc cgl tier II 2017

SSC will conduct the tier 2 of CGL examination in the month of January, Candidates who are preparing for SSC CGL exam can get useful tips for the preparation of English section.

In this session, we will learn about how to improve English for SSC CGL Tier 2.
As you know that every section should be given equal importance. However, English is such sections which require more homework. Let us look at the syllabus for English section.

Distribution of Topics in English:

1.    Vocabulary
2.    Grammar
3.    Reading Ability

I.        Vocabulary:

This section has high importance in Paper II of English in the SSC CGL Tier II exam. However, it is not really easy to score high marks in English if you have not practiced the above topics well. Regular SSC CGL mock test have to be attempted to improve English in Tier II exam.
Let us look at some issues faced by the aspirants when preparing for the exam:
·         One of the most common learning issues with Vocabulary is they often forget what have learned previously. Recalling the forgotten subjects or topics are found difficult.
·         More time is consumed in learning Vocabulary and when learned quickly all at once, could create more confusion.
·         Another problem faced is in deciding which words would be worth learning.

Idioms & Phrases:
An Idiom refers to the phrase or an expression which has some meaning in it. A representative meaning can be different from logical meaning.

·         If there are idioms in a given situation, understand the situation as it relies on vocabulary
·         Keep the idioms in mind through images; it would help you remember these idioms by looking at these pictures.

One Word Substitution:
·         Combine all the one-word substitutions from previous yearbooks and learn to score well in English
·         Solve the quizzes on these topics from the previous years’ papers

Spelling Mistakes:
 It is quite easy to score in this topic. All you need to do is to learn some rules related to spelling errors, important to understand the usage of spellings in English Grammar.

II.        Grammar:

a.    Direct-Indirect & Active Passive: It is seen that candidates find it confusing with the topic and often ignore it during the preparing stage. Let us remind the aspirants that this topic is quite important in the English section and is really easy to score.
Sentence Correction; Here, you need to find the right option to improve the sentence.       In case there are no corrections required, then the answer will be “no improvement”.

Tips to solve:
·         Read the given sentence carefully and find the grammatical errors by checking if there is something wrong.
·         Always check all the choices

·         Although the sentence is fine, check for the grammar and then go through the options to see if any of these would be the right answer.
·         When finding the right answer, you can ignore all other wrong options.

Spotting Errors:
·         Here, to find the grammatical mistakes, you should have a strong grammatical sense.

Tips to solve:
·         To solve these questions, the initial step is to read the given sentence carefully. Most often, you can find the error in the first read itself.
·         As you read the sentence, you must verify the subject-verb protocol.
·         If you still could not find the error or you are not sure of the answer, then you will have to check every single part of the sentence and carefully examine them to find where the error is.

Cloze Test:
This is yet another important topic in English section of SSC CGL exam. Here, you will be given a passage with some words missing. To solve this, you need to understand the situation related to the passage. Attempt Live SSC CGL Mock Test to Analyse your preparation.

Tips to solve:
·         At first, read the passage completely. Grasp the idea and content conveyed. It is also important to note down the new and unknown words.
·         In a passage, each sentence is logically related to each other. Hence, you get clarity about right word to be used in the blank space.
·         There will be some passages from which you can easily find the right answer.    If you find it a little confusing, ignore the less probable options one by one; thereby reaching the right answer. You have to find a logical relation between the given options.
·         Ideal way to score well in this section is to practice 4-5 tests to analyze the performance.
Fill In The Blanks:
Tips to solve:
·         Read the sentence properly and choose the right word from the options
·         You can use the elimination method by checking option satisfying the entries
·         It is also important to make sure that the word inserted gives proper meaning to the sentence and can be read correctly.

III.        Reading Ability:

This is the ability of reading the text, refine and make a meaning out if it. Moreover, Reading Comprehension aims at checking the aspirant’s knowledge in two basic elements- Vocabulary &Text Comprehension.

To improve English in SSC CGL exam, there are 2 ways of attempting Reading Comprehension. They are as follows:

      I.        PQ Approach (Passage first, Questions later)
·        You need to read the given passage thoroughly and then go through the questions.
·        Separate and scan the passage; go through the passage and the questions, back and forth
·        Read the first two paragraphs, check which all questions you can answer.
QP Approach (Questions first, passage later)

·        Read the questions with the options, then go through the passage
·        Read the first question with the options; then go through the passage to answer that question. Read to the next question and find the answer from the passage. Continue this process.
·        Read only the questions without the options. Later, read the passage and answer the questions with the options.

After you complete practicing the strategies and the approaches, you will now look into the set of tips to be followed while doing the RC:
·         Eliminate and not select: Most often, it is ideal to practice elimination rather than selecting from the choices. The approach is ‘BANE’. Eliminate the choice that are too Broad, too Alien (strange), too Narrow or too Extreme.
·         This approach is not applicable while reading passages. Limit your understanding to the given passage.

Time Management tips:

Managing time and setting time for each topic is very important so as to improve English for SSC CGL exam. It is ideal to have a stop-watch beside when preparing for the section. Besides the firmness of the questions, it is more important to observe the time taken to solve them. You need to give high importance to practising each section as you simultaneously concentrate on accuracy. This way you can keep your confidence high as the exam approaches.

Regular practice of SSC CGL Tier  2 Mock Test helps you to improve English for SSC CGL exam.

All you need to keep in your mind is that setting the right preparation strategy and making proper use of it is the key to success in a competitive exam.


In this session, we had a thorough study on the preparation tips to improve English for SSC CGL exam.
Hope this session has been useful in preparing English section in a better way.

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